Custom Home Builder Sunshine Coast

Custom Dual Occupancy and Duplex Projects in Sunshine Coast


Why Build a Dual Occupancy?

With Sunshine Coast land values increasing all the time, many people want to explore what development is possible on their land and whether it makes sense to renovate, build new or build two.  A Dual Occupancy* solution is proving to be a great way to maximise the value of your land.  With two homes on your site, you maximise land usage, whilst also creating an investment opportunity.  There are many advantages a duplex will provide for your investment portfolio. For example;

  • The potential to rent both properties to receive double the income revenue from your one block.
  • Having more than one property on the same block generally will increase the equity in your estate.
  • You can pay off your mortgage faster by living in one home and collecting rent from the tenants living in the other.
  • A dual occupancy or duplex project makes perfect financial sense as a long-term investment because your options are open to sell one or both homes to make a profit. Or, you can rent out one home, and enjoy a continual passive income stream while you live in the other.
  • From initial design and planning, through to construction and landscaping, Berens Construction guides you through the process. Our designs are tailored to suit your particular site, lifestyle and budget.
  • Our industry experience offers you custom designs with the solutions, savings and security of an established builder.

What is the difference between a “Dual Occupancy” vs. a “Duplex” project?

Duplex is two homes connected by a common wall with a common façade facing the street.

Dual Occupancy (Dual Occ) is two units that may not necessarily share a common wall. Generally a Dual Occ is a customised solution for developing a block that cannot fit a standard duplex-type design.