Custom Home Builder Sunshine Coast

Renovations and Extensions

Many homeowners love where they live, but their home no longer suits them in terms of size or style. Home extensions and renovations can provide the ideal solution by giving you the space and design you desire without the cost and inconvenience of moving or demolishing.

Home extensions that add needed space and accommodation and home remodelling that re-configures areas for modern living can effectively provide a ‘new’ home in a much loved location.

Kitchen renovations, bathroom and laundry renovations as well as updating of flooring, window frames and doors, or small structural or cosmetic changes to the exterior of the home, are all effective ways to give a home new life.

The added benefit of a home extension or home renovation project is that you have a ‘new’ home whilst avoiding the expense of the hefty stamp duty, real estate and removalist fees that are associated with moving. Also, in many cases you do not need to move out during the works, so you can also avoid the added expense of renting while you build.


Extending your home to include a second storey will increase the size and worth of your property. This extension is popular for growing families who wish to add additional bedrooms. A luxury upstairs landing can also provide stunning views over surrounding gardens or skylines.

We’ve been in the business for a long time and understand the complexities involved with this type of extension. We’ll offer you professional advice when it comes to council restrictions, town planning approval, design factors and more.